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Chemical Peel Policy:

Peels are generally not performed during the hot/sunny months of June to September.

If you are interested in a deep peel you must be a regular client and have received at minimum one facial with us before receiving a deep chemical peel treatment. This is for your safety so that we will have a general idea of how well your skin will tolerate a more aggressive treatment.  To help your skin heal properly and get the very best results a post peel kit will be given to help make aftercare easy. 


Glow Getter Chemical Peel

Visibly evens skin tone, smooths and refines texture while instantly unveiling a glowing complexion with no downtime! This is a summer safe 30% Lactic Acid peel that leaves you little to no shedding on the skin! We analyze your skin a provide a totally customized treatment plan! Gain the best results for your skin by prepping for PEEL SEASON in the Fall & Winter months when you book this treatment!


*Flaking to no peeling expected.

30 min treatment


Series of 3- $351

Series of 6- $650 

(purchase 5 get one complementary)

Advanced Custom Peel

For the more established and expert clients this highly potent peel series is applied to your skin to address your individual skin concerns along with hydration and sun protection. AlumierMD® “Glow Peel” is a medium depth MEDICAL grade peel. It is a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid & Resorcinol, creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution for pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, post pregnancy mask, discolouration, and uneven skin tone.


*Redness can be visible immediately post procedure; minor peeling can be expected 3-5 days post treatment.

30 minute treatment

Peel- $150

Custom Peel Series 

These peels bring a power punch getting you closer to your skin goals.  Together with a combination of easy and vigorous peels we come up with a game plan tailored to your skins specific needs and goals.  Peels are typically administered every two/three weeks apart and a post peel kit is included after each treatment making recovery time comfortable and supports best results. 

*flaking and peeling will very per peel application and will be discussed at time of application​

30 min treatment

Series of 3- $450

Series of 6- $750

(purchase 5 get one complementary)

Peels administered by Refine Skin Spa will be at the discretion of the esthetician.

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