Brow Shape

Hard wax, soft wax and tweezing available for brow maintenance.

Skin and brows will be evaluated to determine which product best suits your skin and needs.

15 minute treatment


Brow Tint

Give your brows the filled in look with a safe nourishing brow tint that temporarily colors brow area.

Lasts 3/4 weeks

15 minute treatment


Brow Shape and Tint

Brow shape will be enhanced with methods according to your face shape. Waxing along with tint will be applied to enrich the look of clean full brows.

30 minute treatment


Lash Tint

Give your lashes the dramatic look of mascara, without it! Safe temporary color is applied to lashes leaving you with lashes that give your eyes that pop!

Black, blue/black and browns are available for your choosing.

Lasts 4-6 weeks 

30 minute treatment


Lash Lift

This amazing lash lift procedure will lift and define your lashes, leaving your eyes looking more open and rested. If you are looking to enhance your lash look without the use of extensions, this treatments is for you! Treatment time is 45 minutes and lasts 8-12 weeks.

*Enhance your lift with tinted lashes, add to your service for only $15!


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